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The Rules of The Group of Rassilon

This group is not a place for you to dump and then run off. We accept a limited number of submissions per day (2), and uphold a standard. But we’re not snobs; we judge by the effort put into your work, not your mastery with a paintbrush or tablet.

Please be careful to submit to the correct folder.

We accept visual art, literature, artisan crafts, and fan fiction.

We accept in moderation “animalized” characters and crossovers. Slashy undertones are acceptable, but more overt works are not. Basically, we’re not willing to go quite so far as RTD with the Master and the Doctor.

We do not accept screencaptures, comic scans, motivational posters, doll bases, traces, WIPS, or explicit content. Please don’t submit overly-grainy pictures taken with just a camera phone, we want to be able to see your masterpieces clearly.

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So many Doctor Who groups are either elitist, or have no standards at all. We strike a balance, with an emphasis on effort over skill. So long as it's not a crude doodle, obvious trace, or TOS-violating screencap, we'll showcase it!
Founded 3 Years ago
Mar 1, 2014


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175 Members
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6,896 Pageviews
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Power of the Supreme 2 by Lemiken7
Pair o' Docs More Than One
Doctor Mysterio by andycwhite
Alternate Doctors and Misc. Characters
Operative Wildthyme by fourth-heir
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Angry Alien Eyebrows by SmudgeThistle
This episode felt phoned-in and I don’t think it was a good start to the season.

Bill was okay, but Nardole was a lot more interesting. I wish the writers didn’t treat him like the redheaded step-companion and gave him more focus, his dynamic with the Doctor is something different and interesting. At least Bill starts out with some decent characterization and isn’t some enigma gimmick like Clara started out as. But I’m tired of pretty girls from modern England. I really wanted her to be from the 80s like her outfit and intro short implied.


As for the monster of the week… okay, Doctor Who is usually at it’s strongest when the monster isn’t necessarily evil, and things can be resolved peacefully. But they assumed it was dangerous way too quickly, and spent the majority of the “chase” standing around and BSing and robbing it of any sense of danger. The pacing of the episode was just awful. And the creature… made NO sense. Not a bit. Like, okay, a metamorphic liquid makes sense as a tool for a ship… but why would anyone make it have the ability to time travel? And even if they can make/program something that advanced, why wouldn’t they include a “return” code in case it got left behind somewhere? This thing was just the broken “knockoff” TARDIS from “The Lodger” blended with visual elements from the movie “The Ring.” It didn’t work for me.

And as much as I loved seeing Susan get acknowledged FINALLY, it just reminds me that the show STILL hasn’t addressed what happened to her during the Time War. And that is a question that I believe needs to be answered.
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